McLean Face and Body Spa

Basic Facial


Are you on the go but want to take care of your skin? This treatment is perfect for you. We use oxygenated steam, and our special machine (the latest technology) to clean and vacuum your skin. A masque, specially selected for your skin type, is applied.

Session includes: cleansing, toning moisturizing, facial massage, extractions, and a masque selected for your skin type

BioRenu Facial


Our Skin Spatula System is the ultimate skin treatment alternative to microdermabrasion, botox & collagen injections. It is proven to produce outstanding results, without the use of synthetic toxins. Our multi-function Skin Master unit is the only non-abrasive, particle free, natural/non-toxic system that exfoliates from the inside out. Not only does it erase the signs of aging, it moisturizes and repairs for permanent results. It takes years for damage to appear, and only several hours to erase! See how it will produce dramatic results for your skin.

Session includes: Exfoliation, oxygenated steam massage, extractions, and anti-oxidant penetration.

Zen Facial

This facial will knock your socks off!!

It has been described as a spirit lifting, Zen-like experience by our clients. Bask in the puffy clouds of our oxygenating mist as you melt into Maria's facial massage that relaxes you like a soft Spring rain. Take a mid-week vacation! By the time you leave, you will be "ahh'ed" from this facial! And your skin and your pores will Thank You!

Session includes: Cleansing, the Zen facial toning massage under a warm oxygenating mist, brush exfoliation, facial vacuum, extractions, masque or peel (including Glycolic, Fruit-Acid, AminoPlex), complete hand and foot treatment with moisturizing warm mitts and booties, toning, moisturizing, and sunscreen

* Gift certificates and gift cards, other than our own, are not accepted for this service

Stem Cell Infusion Treatment

Recommended for All Skin Types with Signs of Aging

Within minutes skin begins an incredible transformation - Moisture intensifies - Clarity is revealed - Smoothness is refined - Radiance awakens - Puffiness calms - Youthful firmness begins to return - Lip line is redefined

***Not recommended for skin with Rosacea

Treatment Protocol is a Three Phase Mask that requires only 30 minutes PLUS you receive a full retail size of Cel Youth Actif for use at home

Please Note: This is not a peeling procedure, it is a deep infusion of youth-activating, cell-targeted plant extracts, brighteners and age-quenching antioxidants that biologists believe have the most impact on cellular aging.

Glycolic Peel Facial


One of the most effective anti-aging services available to reveal more youthful skin and speed up cellular regeneration. We follow all of our peels with an anti-oxidant penetration to restore the normal balance of the skin and prevent free radicals. This is a MUST after any peel. Choose from 30% Glycolic, 60% Glycolic.

Session includes: Cleansing, Facial Massage with Oxygenating Mist, Exfoliation with Brush, Vacuum, Peel, Soothing Gel Masque, Anti-Oxidant penetration, Moisturizer or Nourishment Cream