McLean Face and Body Spa is a distinguished boutique day spa concept specializing in facial and massage therapy in the Washington DC area - located in McLean Virginia - serving Northern Virginia, McLean, Vienna, Oakton, Great Falls, Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, Alexandria, Reston, Herndon, Bethesda, Rockville, Potomac

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First Time Clients save $25 on any 60 or 70 Minute Massage and any Thai Massage! *see note at bottom

Massage should be both therapeutic and relaxing.  Experience our techniques that uphold this philosophy.  Your specific issues get our special attention.  That is why we are here and why we are successful! 
When you are here for a Massage or Facial, you get 100% of our attention and focus.  We book all of our service appointments with ample time between clients so the therapist is not rushed to finish.  And, you get what you pay for - a 60 minute massage is 60 minutes of massage - we do not count dress / undress time toward your massage. 
Bargain Hunter Warning!!  You can save $25 on your first visit for our 60 or 70 Minute Tranquility massage BUT you will be spoiled and want to come back again and again!  You can save by buying a package to use anytime you choose and even share with a friend without the hassle of contracts or memberships.
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Tranquility Massage - Our most popular massage

60 min ($105)  70 min ($115)  90 min ($145)

Have you ever felt so tight and tense that you hold your shoulders almost as high as your ears...then you realize it and take a deep breath and relax?  Soothe...Relieve...and Revitalize yourself.  The long flowing Swedish strokes are like that sigh of relief after a long, tough day is over.  Hot Stones (no extra charge!!) gently melt your tension as if you were relaxing on the warm sand at the beach.  And, do you know those muscles you forget about until they're used... like after a day of yard work or that once a year sports event at a picnic?  Deep Tissue revitalizes and lets these muscles know you haven't forgotten them!  Got aches?  Feel the melt-away relief provided by the skilled application of trigger point therapy.  Four techniques professionally applied in one session leaves you with the tranquility of a beach vacation.

Key Benefits: 70 Minutes allows ample time to focus on particular problem areas, Stress Relief, Promotes a sense of well-being, Stimulates blood flow

Thai Massage
60 Minutes - $115    90 Minutes - $155    120 Minutes - $190
Save $25 on your first Thai Massage
What is it?
Thai massage is performed on a padded floor mat with the recipient fully dressed in loose fitting, flexible clothing.  The practitioner manipulates the body generally following designated lines called Sen.  Stretching techniques such as practitioner assisted Yoga poses are part of the massage. The practitioner includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body; this may include pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking the knuckles, walking on the recipient's back, and manipulating the recipients body into many different positions.
What are the benefits?
Thai massage will help to speed recovery from injuries and aches and pains.  It is also beneficial in the relief of physical and emotional tension which results in better sleep, improved flexibility, a greater awareness of body and mind, and a release of blocked energy. 
Why should I get Thai Massage?
People choose Thai massage for a variety of reasons, here are just a few:

Long lasting results, Relief of aches and pains, Correlates to and enhances Yoga, Higher level of athletic performance, Increased range of motion, Decreased anxiety, Fully clothed massage technique

How long should I choose for my session?
It really depends on the results you desire.  If you have the time, the best choice is the 120 minute session.  This gives the practitioner ample time to fully address the whole body.  We suggest you choose this for your first session.  After that, you can discuss a plan of action with the practitioner
Who performs Thai Massage?
Our Thai professional is Jeff Hawkins.  Jeff has been practicing Thai for over three years and is a consummate professional.  He has a tremendous understanding of anatomy and physiology and is licensed and nationally certified.  Jeff has helped his clients overcome issues from head to toe and has generally improved quality of life for many.  Additionally he has helped many people achieve a higher level of flexibility and performance in athletics and every day life.

Pick-Me-Up Massage - 50 Minutes ($95)

Need revitalized?  Come in for this great full-body massage with a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and a touch of Hot Stones.

Key Benefits: Stress Relief, Promotes a sense of well-being, Stimulates blood flow

Focus Massage - 30 min ($65) 

Feeling STRESSED!  Select any section of the body for focus whether it is the back, neck, and shoulders or feet and legs.  Feel the ache and tension melt away!!!

Key Benefits: Stress Relief, Focused attention, Alleviates aches and tension

Japanese Hot Stone - 80 min ($150)

A true Japanese Hot Stone treatment is more than placement of hot stones.  Warm basalt stones are used in the massage strokes to relax you and melt away your tension.  Feel the calm and balance with this relaxing massage.  This massage can be gentle and calm to relieve stress or deep and penetrating to reduce significant back, neck, and shoulder tension.

Key Benefits: Stress Relief , Balances the body's energy , Relieves muscle tension

Deep Tissue - 60 min ($105) 90 min ($145)

We use a unique combination of methods to access and relieve deep musculature.  Give your deep muscles the attention they crave.  Enable them to be more flexible and relieve them of pain.  Manual deep tissue can be combined with other massages to address specific problem areas.  As with any massage, the client dictates massage stroke depth - no massage should be painfully uncomfortable. 

Key Benefits: Deep muscle relief , Improves flexibility, Alleviates muscle pain

Pre-Natal Massage - 60 min ($105) 

This is a total relaxation massage for the Mother-to-be.  We will ensure a comforting and relaxing massage by using pillows, bolsters, and special side-lying positions when necessary.  What a great retreat for the Mom-to-be!!!

Key Benefits:  Relaxation, Stress relief, Comfort, Minimize lower back discomfort

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