McLean Face and Body Spa

June 19, 2017
Addressed my skin concerns
A few days after I arrived and have been going back and forth Washington DC and Virginia, I took the time to get a facial in McLean Face and Body Spa. (A vacation wouldn't be complete without some pamper time. ) Maria did my facial. She asked beforehand my skin type and if I have any concerns about my skin (acne-prone, dryness, etc.). As she did the facial, she would mention what each step was and the products used. She would ask from time to time on my comfortability too. My favorite parts of the session were the removal of dead skin because the tingling sensation felt good and application of vitamin C because it does wonders for my acne-prone skin. The facial was very relaxing that I tried not to fall asleep to really enjoy it. Also, of course, my blackheads were removed nearly painlessly. My face felt smooth and clean after. I'd like to suggest to others who plan to visit: Make sure to mention all your concerns, so they may be addressed appropriately.

Michael K
We've been going to see Randy and Maria for the last 7 or 8 years. They're wonderfully responsive and available and of course we keep coming back because the massages (thanks Randy!) and service is so great!

Catherine M.
Arlington, VA
Came here for a prenatal massage.... everything was excellent! Clean, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. I can't believe how comfortable I was... at 7 months prego I haven't been that comfortable in weeks! Michelle was amazing and the prices were very reasonable. I will definitely be back and wish I found them sooner.

Debbie R.
Reston, VA
Forget about Red Door, this is the place to go if you want to leave refreshed, relaxed and revitalized.
I've visited this spa about 7 times since I've moved to VA and I would definitely live there if I had the expendable income to do so! I absolutely love this place. My best and my most favorite facials and massages were done here, by Randy and Maria. From what I remember, I believe Randy has over 20 years experience in professional massage, so this man knows his stuff! Maria facials are exquisite and her facial massage is ethereal. My skin was glowing for weeks afterward!
The atmosphere is very charming, cozy and inviting. Randy, Maria and the rest of their staff are fantastic!